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Kruger Energy Port Alma (KEPA) is a 101.2-megawatt wind farm located on the north shore of Lake Erie, in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent (Ontario). It comprises 44 Siemens 2.3 MW MK II Wind Turbines. The KEPA Wind Farm began operating in the fall 2008.

Kruger Energy is currently developing a second 101.2-megawatt wind project in the same municipality: the Kruger Energy Chatham (KEC) Wind Farm.

A subsidiary of Kruger Inc., Kruger Energy has developed a unique expertise over the years by establishing a team of specialists who focus on the development and management of renewable energy projects, mainly in the field of hydroelectric, wind, biomass, biogas and solar energy projects. Together, Kruger Inc. and Kruger Energy manage over 30 production sites located in Québec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as in the United States and totaling more than 325 MW of installed capacity.

Kruger Energy is committed to developing its projects in a spirit of good neighborliness, in keeping with the life goals of local communities and the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection.